Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sherlock Holmes - Phil's Five Words for Films -

Sherlock Holmes. If you imagine what Sherlock would look like if done by Guy Ritchie - then you've pretty much seen this film. It is flashy, full of slow-mo voice overs and a little bit madcap. Robert Downey Jnr plays a slightly insane version of Sherlock and spends a lot of time mumbling, fumbling with evidence and fighting off all the baddies ( he's a street fighter too ). Jude Law is relatively sensible and plays a good solid partner to the slightly deranged sleuth. After lots of loud bangs, speedy dialogue and hectic action, it all comes together in an enjoyable way. It looks great and the effects are often excellent. However, sometimes the sound is a little mixed up and hard to hear. A bit clunky in places but it rolls from one set piece to another, looks stylish and is fast-paced and entertaining. You might as well see it because there will be sequels. The BBC recently gave us a classy, quirky Holmes. Here, Guy Ritchie gives us a rock and roll Sherlock - just as you would expect.

7.5 out of 10
Cert 12 (uk). 2010.