Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - Phil's Five Words for Films

The Dark Knight Rises  Christopher Nolan's third Batman film has had a lot of hype and publicity recently and, coupled with the fact that the previous films had set the bar so high, there was always a chance that TDKR could struggle to wrap up the trilogy in an explosive and tidy fashion.  There is no denying that Nolan's final instalment is a good film that does everything asked of it but for me, some aspects are disappointing.  All the big moments in the film are either very predictable, hugely signposted or lack any real punch or development ( the return of Batman / Anarchy in Gotham / Alfred's dream / Bruce Wayne's prison re-birth / Detective Blake's story / Selina's story and Bane's back story all just played out with no real ka-pow ). Anne Hathaway does well as Selina but her character fails to truly develop.  Michael Caine ( Alfred ) tries to give the film some heart but only succeeds in standing out too much.  Bane's rasping voice is distracting, sounding like a badly amplified Darth Vadar impression.  The plot is the weakest of Nolan's three films but the production, effects and spectacle are the biggest.  The result is a huge, impressive, slightly messy and baggy  film that never really excels.  I sound like I didn't enjoy the film and that would be completely untrue - I was just not blown away by it.  TDKR is a good film that rounds off a great trilogy nicely but doesn't do it without a few problems and holes.  Better than ok.

7.5 out of 10
Cert 12A ( uk )