Tuesday, 6 December 2011

[Rec]2 - Phil's Five Words for Films

Rec2 Having watched, loved and reviewed the first film ( here ) I was looking forward to finally seeing the second in the Spanish horror series. Taking place almost immediately after the end of the first film, we follow a team of soldiers as they enter the same condemned building to search for and document evidence. Armed with a video camera and helmet-cams, we watch as the action unfolds. Where the first film triumphed was its basic and low budget approach to scaring people - there is something in the dark that is going to get you. It seems that in making the follow up film, they have forgotten how effective this was and instead decided to throw everything at you in the hope that it scares. There are machine guns, helicopters, grenades, religious mumbo-jumbo, invisible rooms and at times it looks and feels more like a computer shoot'em-up than a horror film. There are still some good scares to be had here but I felt that too much was added in, almost trying too hard. The result is a louder, weaker, less tense horror experience that left me slightly disappointed. Good sequels should compliment and add to the original - Rec2 is not a bad film but not in the same league as the first.

6.5 out of 10.
Cert 18 (uk ).