Monday, 20 June 2016

Knock Knock - Phil's Five Words for Films

Knock Knock It is very rare for a film to make me so angry. Disappointed often but rarely angry. It is not enough that this film robbed me of two hours that I won't get back but to find that some people actually rate it as a serious film astounds me. The acting throughout, from everyone involved, including the dog, was appalling - plenty of energy but still appalling. The script, plot and sexual motives all shared a common score of Zero and the idea that I'm supposed to think 'he got what he deserved' is offensive. Directed by Eli Roth ( Hostel / Cabin Fever ) and starring his real life wife, Lorenza Izzo along with Keanu and Ana de Armas, it really feels like a re-make project that got out of hand and spiralled away from them all. The ending left me pleading for it all to have been a bad dream, a psychotic meltdown or even a metaphor for something lame - a cop-out plot twist that would have, at least, been worthy of my time and effort.  An utter waste of time, energy and talent. I cannot find any reason to recommend 'Knock Knock' to anyone - unless you are studying film and need an example of how to not do just about everything. It was such a shame to come to this film via Keanu's much better action thriller 'John Wick'. Watch that instead.
2 out of 10.
Cert 18 (UK). 2015.