Sunday, 8 August 2010

The A Team - Phil's Five Words for Films -

The A-Team Completely over-blown remaking of the classic 80's tv show. There are plenty of explosions, leaping cars, gunfights, flying tanks and plane rides as the boys try to clear their names after a crime they didn't commit but ridiculous action sequences and brain dead set pieces can only hold your attention for so long. There just isn't enough in the film to stretch to a 2 hour run time and by the end I just didn't care any more. How about a smaller budget and a run of hour long TV episodes? The main characters are quite well cast and I'm ( sadly ) sure that we will see them again in 'A-Team II' but I pity the fool that stumps up full ticket price for that one. Some nice stunts here and there but the over-reliance on CGI, ludicrous plot and poor script really drag the film down. The 80's tv show was tongue-in-cheek fun on a shoestring budget. This latest Hollywood remake is loud, crass, soulless nonsense with too much money to burn. The plan just doesn't come together.

5 out of 10

Cert 12A (uk).2010.

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  1. A totally awesome film if you're eight and have never watched a film before. Great review, hehe xxx