Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hugo - Phil's Five Words for Films

Hugo (seen in 3D) Set in Paris and brimming with British acting talent, Martin Scorsese's latest film takes us in to the magical world of cinema and childhood adventure. Scorsese obviously cares passionately about the history of film and has used the latest 3D technology to create a beautiful looking homage to early cinema and storytelling. Most of the year's 3d efforts have been disappointing but here it certainly adds to the lavish backdrops and is nicely tied in to the history of film production. There are some great performances, most noticeably Asa Butterfield ( Hugo ), Sacha Baron Cohen ( Station Master) and Ben Kingsley ( George Melies ) but it is the history and visuals of the film that really stick with you. The story seems slightly plodding in places and lacking a little emotionally - it is difficult to put your finger on what is missing here. All the ingredients are there but, for me, it didn't quite have the magic I was hoping for - I doubt I would sit through it twice. A pleasant story that looks great but lacks just a little magic.

7.5 out of 10
Cert U. (uk)

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