Saturday, 7 September 2013

Insidious - Phils Five Words for Films

Insidious Very much a film of three halves, this creepy, ghost train of a movie is silly, scary and amusing. It goes from being a tense haunted house film, to a daft exorcism film and ends up in a phantasmagorical romp through a spirit world. It does, however, have some genuinely chilling moments and these are nicely balanced by some comedy characters that fit perfectly into the 'non-too-serious-horror' genre. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, play the parents of a young family who have to do battle with all manor of netherworld demons to bring back their son ( Ty Simpkins ) after he slips in to a coma. Although the last section of the film is a little quirky, it carries itself really well and I was happily pulled along by the nonsense, reminiscent of the dream sequences from the 'Nightmare on Elm St' films. With good writing, creative vision, original characters, atmospheric music and pacing all coming together nicely, I think there is a lot here to be proud of. If you have seen and enjoyed  the 2009 film 'Drag me to Hell' by Sam Raimi, then you should definitely give 'Insidious'  a watch as it is in a similar vein. Entertaining.

7.5 out of 10
Cert 15 ( uk )

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  1. Good review Phil. It was basically two movies placed into one, with the earliest one being a lot scarier.