Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Dallas Buyer's Club - Phil's Five Words for Films

Dallas Buyer's Club In my opinion, Matthew McConaughey has been shuffling towards an Oscar winning performance for the last few years and, following his role as a rodeo cowboy, given a month to live after being diagnosed with HIV, he has finally grabbed one. McConaughey reportedly lost over 40 pounds to play the role and the result is instantly shocking. Set in the early 1980's and based on the real-life story of Ron Woodroof who smuggled unlicensed drugs from Mexico to Texas to treat his condition, McConaughey is mesmerising. Between him and Jared Leto, who plays a fellow sufferer and cross-dressing drug addict, they carry what could otherwise be a slow and depressing film. The two build a reluctant but touching friendship and a successful business, bringing credible treatments to people who had been left to the mercy of slow drug administration policy. At all points, Ron is fighting himself, his friends, his family, his doctors and authorities and the fragile physical state of both actors adds to the impact of their performances. Both are fully deserving of their subsequent success as it is the sheer amount of effort and intensity that they have given to the roles that has been rewarded. The story is sad, shocking and tragic but with two central actors bringing this much sparkle to a picture, it is all it needs to be. Affecting.

8.5 out of 10
Cert15 (uk) 2013

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