Wednesday, 30 April 2014

You're Next - Phil's Five Words for Films

You're Next When the Davison family descend on their secluded, country manner to celebrate the parent's wedding anniversary, they are in for a rotten weekend. One by one ( and in an entirely predictable order ) they are picked off by a group of mask wearing home invaders who have already taken care of the neighbours. Nobody, however, counted on there being a battling uber-aussie, Erin ( Sharni Vinson ), meeting the 'In-Laws' for the first time. Can she protect her new extended family and get them out alive? 'You're Next' is a straight up and down 'who-done-the-slashing-and-invading' movie, nothing really original or clever to speak of but at least it has a strong female character, some good gore-moments and it doesn't take itself too seriously. At just over an hour and a half, it trots along and, with the exception of the first 15minutes in which the characters are introduced, the 'action' is nicely paced. Rated 18 more for the themes raised than any real horror, it is a good effort in the 'low budget horror/comedy horror' category that will keep you guessing, recoiling and laughing to an acceptable degree. I've seen worse.

5.5 out of 10.
Cert 18 ( uk ) 95mins.
2013 ( 2011 in US/Can ).

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  1. Good review Phil. I had a real good time with this, which is exactly I should be doing in any kind of horror movie, let alone a home-invasion thriller.