Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Safety Not Guaranteed - Phil's Five Words for Films

Safety Not Guaranteed After the discovery of an unusual newspaper advert for '..somebody to go back in time with me..',  a Seattle journalist and two interns embark on a trip to investigate any possible story. What they find is a quirky and paranoid supermarket attendant who claims that he is planning a trip through time to rediscover a previous love. He claims that he has built a time machine, is being followed by Special Agents and needs to train an accomplice for the journey. As the details unfold, it seems that there is more to his story than meets the eye. Mark Duplass plays Kenneth, the eccentric time traveller and he has the strongest of the roles, giving the character real depth and a crazy believability. Aubrey Plaza ( Parks & Recreation ), Jake Johnson ( New Girl, 21JumpSt ) and Karan Soni all put in solid performances as the investigators, all of whom have their own baggage to bring to the story. It is the chemistry between Kenneth and Darius ( Plaza ) that really drives the film forward and their weird relationship is a joy to watch. The highlight of which is a 'Zither solo' - something that doesn't happen in films very often. From the producers of 'Little Miss Sunshine', this short ( 86mins ), quirky, lightweight film is about grabbing opportunity, dealing with regret and the power of believing in your dreams. An independent, geeky, enjoyable journey in to sci-fi,  building relationships and time machines.

7 out of 10.
Cert 15 ( UK ).
2012. 86mins

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