Friday, 19 February 2010

Avatar - Phil's Five Words For Films -

Avatar First things first - this really is a film to be seen on the big screen and in 3D. It looks great, sounds great and the CGI characters are awesome - but throwing money at a film is no guarantee of a classic. Visually, the film is stunning, but it should be after 10 years and endless millions of pounds. The 'new-world' of Pandora is beautiful and wondrous and the 3D really comes into its own, adding depth rather than 'in-your-face' effects. The plot is fairly simple, lovely spiritual world is being invaded by nasty humans who don't care about anything other than the mighty dollar and see the lovely, spiritual world as profit owned by savages. Warfare. Rebellion. American / human history?. Overall though, it is a cracking tale, it looks amazing, it is a little too long (nearly 3hrs), it sometimes seemed to be preaching a bit too much about capitalism / nature / gun toting americans and it is the only film that made me wish I was a blue hunter from another planet. Oh and spot the crazy cigarette product placement and discuss where some of those millions came from. Well worth the ticket price though.

8.5 out of 10
Cert 12A (uk).2009.


  1. I have to say the whole 'way to domesticate your ride' was a little distasteful....and my delicate constituion was rocked by the animal rapeage.

    scene: will you know its the right animal...because it will try to fight you until you wrestle it down in a choke hold and stick your thing in...then things are totally fine and that mount is yours for life.

    Way to go mr Cameron, looks like you no longer need HR Geiger