Friday, 19 February 2010

Taken - Phil's Five Words for Film -

Taken. ( Contains Spoilers) Liam Neeson seems to have had a mid-life crisis and decided to become super-kick-ass bad. If you forget about the first 15mins of this film ( start from 'that phone call' ) then it works as a brutal, if slightly silly, tale of revenge. Everybody good is American and all the baddies are European. The body count mounts up as Liam hunts down the nasty Europeans that have 'taken' his daughter. Everyone bad ( I hereby invent the word Euroganistans ) will die and his daughter seems untroubled by the terrible things she's been through - recovering enough to go for her dream of being a singer - god bless america. The end. Good action in places, brutal body count for one fella, thin plot with many holes but quite enjoyable.

6 out of 10
Cert.18 (uk).2008.

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