Sunday, 4 April 2010

Adventureland - Phil's Five Words for Films -

Adventureland A basic tale of love, summer jobs and the pains of being an awkward adolescent. Although the characters and storyline are fairly good, the film just seems to plod along at an even pace all the way through. There was no real highs and lows, no real empathy with any of the characters and their bleak situations, no true comedy to lift you up or drama to grab you. The story just kind of washes over you and, by the end, you realise that you are exactly where you expected to be without much having happened. It is a nice enough film to pass a couple of hours but I doubt that it has left a lasting memory in my head. Standard boy-meets-girl stuff set in a fairground with a lively eighties soundtrack. Some nice moments, the attention to 80's detail really gives it a period feel and the characters, desperate yet hopeful and warm, are well played. Light on comedy, light on drama - there is nothing wrong but nothing new, it just didn't 'Rock Me Amadeus'.

5.5 out of 10.
Cert 15.(uk).2009.

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