Sunday, 4 April 2010

Paul Blart: Mall Cop - Phil's Five Words for Films -

Paul Blart: Mall Cop Imagine the humourless love child of Mr.Bean, Home Alone and Die Hard. You would be left with 'Mall Cop'. There is nothing good to say but here goes. A hapless security guard who rides around on a segway ( 95% of the comedy ) tries to outwit an equally hapless band of 'terrorist' who try to take over his mall. Enough said. If you want to see a fat bloke rolling round on the floor ( 4%) and falling over drunk ( 1% ), then this is the film for you. Otherwise, I would steer well clear of this stinker and save yourself an hour or two. Wrong subject matter to be aimed at kids and too stupid to be aimed at adults, it is difficult to think of anyone who would see this as a good evenings entertainment. If it was more of a spoof then it might have had some credibility but you get the feeling that this was a genuine attempt at a comedy. Truly awful. The fact that this film took enough in America to warrant a possible sequel speaks volumes. Again, truly awful.

2 out of 10. ( the segway looked fun )
Cert PG (uk). 2009.

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